March 10, 2011

An Introduction To The Sonic Vault

Welcome to The Sonic Vault.  The purpose of this site will be to lift the veil from enigmatic artists of the past, whose stories have been left untold for far too long.  Not only will this site be an indispensable resource for collectors of rare and privately pressed LPs, it will also contain a wealth of information for music history enthusiasts.  

As a collector of rare music, I can't tell you how many times I have spent weeks, months or years trying to track down information about an elusive record or band only to find that my search has stalled in a mire of frustration.  This is the plight of the collector and it is my goal to not only make that process easier for others, but also to celebrate the artists who have provided us (albeit unintentionally) with such mystery and fascination.  

Here, their stories will be heard, often for the first time and when possible, archival photos, audio and ephemera will be included in an effort to paint a broader accurate picture and give these unheralded artists their just recognition.  

I urge readers to share their memories, comments and/or criticisms.  As this process unfolds, I will be encouraging these artists to interact here with all of you as well.